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The idea is a simple one: each Friday, post your photos on a given theme. It's tons of fun, but the pay's for crap. Shane suggested the idea in February of 2006. Use this page to keep track of upcoming themes and look back on past threads.

Currently, youngergirl44 is picking themes from the list of suggestions below. A few upcoming themes will be listed with their dates, allowing users to prepare or plan their photos. Also, an 'advance notice' post will be made each Wednesday around noon (CST) to remind everyone of the theme for the week. On Friday, pjern will post the Photo Friday thread and some pictures to kick it off. Other users may make these posts as necessary - life has a tendency to creep up on us all.

Feel free to add your ideas for themes to the list below. Please make sure to go over the existing list to check for duplicates and don't forget to include your name!

Look here if you need help posting photos from Flickr. Currently there is an issue with their code so you have to add a forward slash in order for it to work - see here for instructions.

Upcoming Photo Friday Themes

Please note that the dates are subject to change if something shiny distracts us. Please see the Advance Notice thread posted each Wednesday to confirm the theme for the week.

  • December 14: Strength - tortillathehun
  • December 21: Your worst photo - flapjax at midnite
  • December 28: Saturated colors - warbaby
  • January 4: Best of 2012
  • January 11: What I Did Over Summer Vacation & Favorite Vacation Photo
  • January 18: Drawings, sketches, paintings - youngergirl44
  • January 25: Color photo but it looks like a B&W - flapjax at midnite
  • February 1: Family portraits - pjern
  • February 8: Fuzzy Friday
  • February 15: Foreground/background - rainbaby
  • February 22: The letter 'J' - gomichild
  • March 1: Accidents and bad ideas - crush-onastick and rainbaby

Previous Photo Fridays

2012 Themes
2011 Themes
2010 Themes
2009 Themes
2008 Themes
2007 Themes
2006 Themes

Photo Friday Suggestions - Include Your Name!!

  • Chip, cracks, and broken - ethylene, and flapjax at midnite
  • Big Fat Secret or Guilty Pleasure (SFW) - ethylene and desjardins
  • Your Commute
  • It was like that when I got here - crush-onastick and pjern
  • Make yourself as ugly as possible - Hellbient
  • Math - crush-onastick and ufez
  • Shimmy - crush-onastick
  • Exotique - mdonley
  • Sew sorry - mdonley
  • High - mdonley
  • Something out of a Meat Loaf song - jason's_planet
  • Dirty (as in grungy messy dirt dirty) - iconomy
  • Flipping the bird - deborah
  • Pants - buzzman
  • Water and boats - mygothlaundry, flapjax at midnite, and pjern
  • Madness - rainbaby
  • Strength - rainbaby
  • Sounds of Silence - rainbaby
  • Purple - ethylene and wokerant
  • Scanner - ethylene
  • Spoke - julen
  • Garden pests & bugs, insects & arachnids - lonefrontranger and wokerant
  • Photos of the last trip you took - TheDonF
  • Anonymity - tortillathehun
  • One is the loneliest number - pjern
  • Asymmetry - flapjax at midnite
  • Point your camera straight down / straight up - flapjax at midnite
  • The Return of MySpaceFace - Eideteker
  • Big hair - Eideteker
  • Power - Kronos_to_Earth